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CrashReport, with the help of copter pilots taking part in the survey, offers a free analysis of the possible causes that can lead to the following situations:

- Copters behaving incorrectly
- Near crashes
- Crashes
- Fly Aways

In this context, the aim is to determine whether and to what extent pilot errors could be the cause for the above issues. CrashReport collects data from copter pilots in an anonymous survey, to analyse unexplained or incorrect behaviours of copters and then to allow the user and manufacturer to diagnose and fix existing issues. The analysis is based on a questionnaire, which details and analyses B. IMU and compass calibration, firmware updates, battery etc.

The more copter pilots are participating in this survey, the greater the chance to find answers for so far inexplicable copter behaviours and issues.

The results of the analysis can then be transmitted to the copter manufacturer at regular intervals, with the aim to record and detail the most obvious causes suggested by the survey results, which then in turn might enable the manufacturer to remedy some of the underlying issues during the manufacturing process.

Another very important aspect of the survey analysis is that correct behaviour of pilots in extreme situations such as a Fly Aways can also be recorded, and then shared with the users of this portal. Every user of this portal can view and evaluate the current data, based on the calculated statistics and will then be able to draw conclusions about possible causes and take preventative action.

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